For PRTG Network Monitor, you can log in to the PRTG web interface once the PRTG core server is installed. In your browser, open the IP address or Domain Name System (DNS) name of the PRTG core server system and click Log in.

You can look up and change the web server settings of PRTG Network Monitor at any time in the PRTG Administration Tool on the PRTG core server system. In particular, when you access PRTG from the internet, you should use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) secured connection. To secure your connection, click Switch to SSL/TLS under Enable SSL/TLS for the PRTG web interface on the welcome screen.

Load the PRTG Web Interface

In a web browser, enter the IP address or URL of the PRTG core server system. If you use a cluster, connect to the master node. You can also double-click the PRTG Network Monitor desktop icon on the PRTG core server system.

i_round_redIf you run PRTG on localhost, do not use the DNS name http://localhost to log in to the PRTG web server, as this might considerably slow down the PRTG web interface. Use your local IP address or instead.

If you see an SSL certificate warning in your browser, you can usually confirm it.
i_square_cyanFor more information, see the Knowledge Base: Why does my browser show an SSL certificate warning when I open the PRTG web interface?

Login Screen

After loading the PRTG web interface, the login screen is visible. You can either log in as the predefined PRTG System Administrator user or as any other user. As an administrator, you can use all functionalities of the PRTG web interface. Administrators can create additional users with administrative rights or users with more restricted user access rights (for example, read-only users).

Login Screen

Login Screen

Log In as Predefined Administrator (First Time Login)

i_podThis only applies to PRTG Network Monitor, not to PRTG Hosted Monitor.

When you log in for the first time, the login name and password for the predefined PRTG System Administrator user account are both prtgadmin. PRTG automatically fills in the default credentials and shows the password in plain text.

i_round_redAfter login, you should change the default password. To do so, go to Setup | Account Settings | My Account and specify a new password in section User Account Settings.

i_round_blueIf you are not logged in to the PRTG web interface, you can change the credentials for the predefined user account at any time in the PRTG Administration Tool.

i_round_blueIf you enter a different login name or change your password, the password is no longer shown in plain text.

Log In as User

If you received user credentials from your system administrator, enter them in the login screen to log in to the PRTG web interface. This also applies if you use other administrator credentials.

Login Options

  • Log in: Log in to the fully featured PRTG web interface. We recommend that you use this option for PRTG whenever possible. It offers the full functionality of PRTG. Use Google Chrome 72 or Mozilla Firefox 65 for best performance.
    i_round_redAlthough you can log in with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, the PRTG web interface might not be fully compatible with Internet Explorer. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, set the security level to Medium-high (or lower) and make sure that no Compatibility View is enabled.
  • Download apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android (optional): Opens Setup | Optional Downloads in the PRTG web interface. You can optionally download the PRTG apps for iOS or Android or the PRTG app for desktop.
    i_round_blueIf you use this download option, you require your login name and password for the login (or the default credentials).

i_round_blueOnly Google Chrome 72 and Mozilla Firefox 65 are fully compatible with the PRTG web interface.

Enter specific credentials or use the default credentials that PRTG fills in automatically. Click Log in to proceed to the PRTG web interface.

Recover Password

If you cannot remember your PRTG Network Monitor password, click the Forgot password? link. The Password Recovery page opens. Enter your Login Name, click Request a New Password, and PRTG sends an email to the primary email address of your user account. Click the link in the email to set a new password. The link is valid for 60 minutes. Enter a New Password, then enter it again under Confirm Password. Click Set New Password to change your password.

i_round_blueThe password must be at least 8 characters long and must contain a capital letter and a number.

i_round_redWhen the password is successfully reset, all active user sessions of this user account are logged out. Log in again with the new password.

Login Screen with Single Sign-On (SSO)

After you configure SSO, you see a new button on the login screen of the PRTG web interface.

Log in with SSO

Log in with SSO

Click Log in with single sign-on to continue with the login procedure of the single sign-on provider. After finishing the login procedure, you will be transferred back to PRTG.


i_square_blueKNOWLEDGE BASE

Why does my browser show an SSL certificate warning when I open the PRTG web interface?